Saturday, September 5, 2009

What Am I Today?

With all the failures behind me, Should I still consider myself as a person living a fulfilling life?

Not able to succeed in my education. Still struggling to learn things which I want to learn.

Not able to earn what myself and my family wanted me to earn. Lost what was there as my ancestral property in what can be called as a freak business attempt.

Not able to hold on to all the love and respect gained by me all these years because of my financial turbulence.

Will all this can I still hold my heads high. Or should I let my shoulders drop.

Internally Iam still the same. Should I go back to my old style of living. Forget about earning, but start to work with a selfless attitude. Will this help me in the long run. Who will take care of my family's needs? Who will take care of me when I want to lay back in my older age? Lot of questions giving me sleepless nights.

I have read about legends. Many have met failures, done mistakes but have succeeded atlast. Lot is written on about their difficulties, but not much on how they overcame the fear and obstacles in them. How they overcame their failures? Those details would have helped the failures like me to find ways to come out of our failures.

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  1. hi dude........donno who u r but i have a suggestion for u.............just stop bothering about those questions...........if u failed in something means u have learnt something........just apply it for the next time..........and be confident.............confidence is wat keeps man alive and all those bothering questions will droop better stay confident and stop worrying........everything will be ok