Friday, May 22, 2009

Come out of the Shell

Transition to college life from school requires lot of commitment.

Being into College life you should not have inhibitions and should be out of narrow minded attitude. Should be ready to accept others point of view.

Start interacting with others. Stop thinking about the mistakes you make while talking to others. Dont think others will mock at you if you make mistakes. They are also new to the environments and others will have enough worries about themselves initially and so will not mind much about other's mistakes. Its only by trying you can know your mistakes and thus can correct those.

You may have lot of apprehensions about college life till now. Find the truth yourself and correct them if those apprehensions are wrong. You have to talk to others, know more people and their ideas and only then you can learn lot of things.

If you were from a rural background entering into a city college, don't get bogged down by the environment. Try to push yourself into the groups and you will be at ease moving around along with them in a week or two. But if you stay away from others, then you will be left isolated and both you and others will find it difficult to mingle with each other later.

Don't worry about being teased by others in the initial stages for your silly mistakes. Stay positive and true as much as possible. Don't hesitate to accept your mistakes and limitations and let even others know that. This will help you to learn new things easily.

Come out of your shell. The world is waiting to receive you with so many beautiful opportunities.

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