Friday, May 22, 2009

Transition to College Life.

Yes, the school life is over.

Teachers, marks, competition for ranks, tuitions, what to study next confusion, Engineering or Medicine, money or interest, advice from parents, seniors all these are no more now. The decision is made. Whether its yours or your parents it is made and soon you will be sitting in a college classroom.

A new environment, new friends and for some new place and even new medium (language of teaching) and all these may make you perplexed. You may feel at dark.

How to handle this?

What should you do to overcome this fear?

How to make new friends easily even though they may be an entirely different environment?

How to build relationship with the teachers, sorry the lecturers and professors?

How to plan your career?

What to expect?

What to do?

What not to do?

In short, how easily and quick you can transform into a college student from a school student?

Below are some of the tips you would wish to try to become a college student.
1. Come out of the shell.
2. No more spoon feeding
3. Make friends and let they be good friends. Have broad vision.
4. Lecturers/Professors – treat them as your mentor/guide/friends
5. Seniors are also students. Make friends among seniors
6. Enjoy the subjects. This can be achieved only by understanding the subjects
7. Start now. Stop last minute preparations
8. Communication and English Skills
9. Develop special skills. Find your specialization area
10. Socialize for all the right reasons
11. Don’t deviate – You are here to study and to build your career.

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